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Connecting expert industry talent with government, healthcare,  and financial institutions.

Growe Technologies works directly with a diverse range of clients from government, healthcare, and finance industries. We build strong business relationships and pride ourselves in creating impact through the delivery of business and IT solutions.

Health Care

We specialize in resourcing highly-skilled consultants who are project managers, business systems and data analysts, business solution and enterprise architects, web/mobile software developers, quality assurance analysts, UX/UI designers and more!  

Financial Institutions

Our consultants grow their professional careers with Growe Technologies. We invest in them and we are committed to their success. We offer competitive rates and specialize in relationship recruiting to ensure we have the exact resources right for the job.


“Growe Technologies, Inc. has a long history of bringing the right collection of people to the technical challenges facing companies. In a recent engagement with Calabrio in Minneapolis, MN, Growe provided several resources for mobile application development and testing through dedicated DevOps team members. As Calabrio went deeper into modernizing the architecture of its core platform, it was realized they needed skills that were not on staff, and Growe was able to quickly provide specialized candidates that met the need.


Calabrio needed to move from a set of homegrown Java application services deployed on durable EC2 instances to more purpose built microservices deployed as containerized workloads hosted in the Amazon Kubernetes Service. Along with the architectural challenges of breaking up a legacy monolith into scalable components, Calabrio lacked hands-on experience with pipeline tooling. Calabrio needed to update all stages of its continuous delivery pipeline. This meant moving tooling from data center hosting to AWS, shifting artifact management to S3 store, and building deployment scripts through Azure DevOps. Helm charts in Rancher orchestrated deployments, and the infrastructure was defined in Terraform. Even the Kafka infrastructure and other key third-party integration points needed to change to a more manageable, global deployment profile. This created openings for serverless lambda implementations using DynamoDB as a more flexible repository for payloads sent from multiple sources and featuring multiple versions of the same schemas.


Growe was viewed as a solid strategic partner at each stage.”

Robert Grogan, Senior Director of Product Development


Minneapolis, MN


"I’ve enjoyed working with the team at Growe Technologies, and have found them to be very personable.  They understand the client demands on their senior consultants, and are responsive in helping to resolve issues and roadblocks.  They also understand the importance of partnering with consultants for the benefit of their clients, and building relationships together.  Their sales team is always willing to schedule a lunch to stay on top of client issues and collaborate on common needs."

John S.

Senior Program Management Consultant at Allina Health

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