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We work hard to pair you with the right opportunity ensuring a successful placement. Whether it be a short-term contract, long-term project or full-time placement, 
we have your career in mind.

"Working with Growe Tech has provided me a wonderful opportunity to work with a highly technical, university-based medical system that provides cutting-edge results. As a healthcare professional with almost 27 years of experience, I’m particular about which organizations and projects that I work on. To have an agency with such high standards and one that keeps my best interests in mind, I’m grateful for Growe Technologies and the opportunities that they have provided to me.
Their staff is professional and knowledgeable with Healthcare and its industry-specific needs. This may be the most important factor when deciding which projects to take on, and is critical to the success of both the client and the consultant."

Karl J.

LIMS System Program Manager for a University Medical Center

"I've spent that last 15 years improving user experiences at companies such as Symantec, UnitedHealth Group, Best Buy, and now at Deluxe Corp through Growe Technologies. With a keen understanding of both the business and the end user, I'm passionate about making user experience a competitive advantage. At Deluxe, I work on developing UX strategy for marketing small business services, using research to drive revenue for eCommerce sites, and creating simple, effective interaction designs for websites and landing pages. I love working with Growe because they were able to find a great role for me using all of my skills, and they make the onboarding process quick and painless."

Erin W.

UX/UI Design Architect Consultant

"In today’s market situations finding the job you need is a challenging task in itself and finding a job that needs you is crucial. That’s exactly what Growe Tech is exceptional in doing. Their bottom up approach of matching requirements with skills is surely a rare and valuable trait. My experience with them has been highly gratifying. Growe Tech has always been highly responsive and sensitive to my expectations from the placement, which I have personally not experienced with other consultancies. Today, I’m coming close to completing a year of working in my current project and this couldn’t have been possible if it was not for Growe Tech’s guidance and support in finding the right work atmosphere that suits me."

Sisi P.

Business and Quality Assurance Analyst at a financial services firm


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